Aging Parents

What_to_do_when_you_need_a_financial_plan.jpgIf you are facing the challenging task of overseeing your parents’ retirement needs, you are not alone. At Charter Oak, we are often asked to step in and help with investments when a spouse passes away and the surviving spouse no longer has the desire, or the ability to manage, their financial investments. We have the tools and experience to step in and help your family navigate through this new life transition. While our team at Charter Oak can help align your parents’ investment portfolios and financial plans towards new objectives, we also have developed a network of outside professionals who can provide insights and solutions for matters including:

  • Immediate Health Care
  • Elder Law and Asset Protection
  • Medicare
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care Health Insurance

There is an immense amount of responsibility that comes with taking care of a retired parent. Our goals are centered around taking some of that work off of you.

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