Building an Estate Plan


Life is filled with a ton of hard decisions including choosing how and where your money ends up after you are gone. Our team at Charter Oak truly wants to see your hard work pay off by falling into the right hands. We believe that effective estate planning allows your friends, family, and charities to be provided for in a way that is substantial to you even after you are no longer here.

That is why our advisors have developed trusted relationships with highly-regarded attorneys in multiple disciplines of law located in Maine, New Hampshire, and various other locations across the country who will work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that fits your unique needs.

Working with your trusted legal counsel, we can help determine the correct use of trusts, gifting programs, and other strategies to ensure the proper distribution to your beneficiaries.

At Charter Oak, we are committed to partnering with the right professional advisors, so that each and everyone of our clients is provided with the satisfaction of having peace of mind in their later life.  

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