Three Simple Documents Every 18-Year Old Should Sign

As we write this correspondence, there are only a few weeks left of summer. Pumpkins and mums will soon be in front of the grocery stores and countless 18-year-olds will be settling into college, a gap-year program or a new role that awaits them far from home.

Don’t Wait to Have This Conversation with Your Parents

If you find yourself being asked to step in and offer guidance to your parents for planning their golden years, here are some tips for how to manage.

Brexit: What Does This Mean to You and Your Portfolio?

Before we dive into the history of yesterday’s vote and what that may mean for economies in Europe and beyond, let us first reassure you that in our view “this time is not different.” It is not 2008. Our advice is to relax, keep calm, and invest on. This too will pass.

A Lesson From Prince to You: Why You Should Never Die Without a Will

When a Prince or Princess dies, there are very strict rules that dictate what happens to his or her fortune and who is next in line to receive the requisite benefits. These rules were established very long ago by the institutions of monarchy and in many places still exist today - though not in the case of Prince, the musician, who hailed from Paisley Park, Minnesota.


The Best Triple Tax Break in Town?

Are health insurance premiums taking too big a bite out of your budget? Do you wish you had better control over how you spend your health care dollars and potentially save on taxes too? If so, you may be interested in an alternative to traditional health insurance called a health savings account (HSA).

What Investors Should Know about the Markets

Global markets have been rocky so far in 2016 as signs of a slowing Chinese economy and very low energy prices have folks questioning where things are headed for the rest of the year.

Crude Awakening

The market sell-off continues, and as the slide gets more severe, we might ask ourselves, “How worried we should be?” The uncertainty and volatility is painful right now; however, we believe it will normalize as it works though four key issues:

. Falling oil prices

. Slowing growth in China

. Tighter U.S. monetary policies

What Does a Headline Really Tell Us?

Financial headlines grab us by mixing some psychology along with economics. Actually, there is a whole field of science that studies how we react to those headlines when combined with other news. It’s called the field of behavioral economics. The study offers a framework for how people frame economic outcomes; how potential gains and losses affect our economic decisions and choices.

What to make of the markets in 2016?

You don’t need a weather man to tell you when it’s raining and you don’t need us to tell you the stock market has been a volatile place the past few days - we understand it may be painful to watch.

What is Your Most Valuable Financial Asset?

Can you name your most valuable financial asset? Is it your house? Your IRA? Your valuable collection(s) (or collection(s) of valuables)? It might actually be one of the above, but more than likely it’s going to be your Social Security benefits. The future value of those benefits for a married couple with even an average work history can run close to 7 figures!!

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